Record. Replay. Prove. Predict.

#1 for Session Record and Replay

Qumram’s product roadmap is underpinned by our desire to explore and innovate, and to go beyond all expectations of capability, quality and value.

Today’s products offer peace of mind to everyone in your firm, from the Board down, that your digital integrity is being monitored, recorded and retained for compliance and risk purposes – every minute, of every day.

Our Q-Suite of products performs six key functions

  • 01. Record

    Capture an exact replica of all digital activities across all digital channels – web, mobile, social

  • 02. Store & Archive

    Retain all captured information in original formats. Operate Qumram in the Cloud, on premise or in a hybrid model

  • 03. Discover

    Easily search and retrieve recorded online information – even with third-party applications

  • 04. Replay

    Retain, recall and review all content, and any user session, at any point in time

  • 05. Analyze

    Use recorded information as an invaluable source of user experience intelligence and big data analytics

  • 06. Integrate

    Gather compliant insights, and use them to improve line of business processes

Our Products

Qumram’s Q-Suite addresses three core channels – web, mobile and social. We record every user session in entirety, exactly as it happened, and enable you to replay it on-demand. Each product can be used independently, to target compliance of individual channels. Alternatively, they can be combined to provide total security, compliance and reduction of risk across your entire digital business. Qumram has an open architecture, which ensures seamless integration into any third party digital platform.






Fully auditable evidence of all of your website activity

Qumram records all web interactions completely, replicating every fluid mouse movement, keystroke and button click. When replayed, the recording has the appearance of a continuous video, which captures every interaction and transaction, on every active webpage, to provide complete transparency of your visitor’s journey through your website. Only active pages are recorded, to minimize storage requirements.

In addition to recording interactions, Q-Web also keeps a secure and reliable audit trail of web page modifications, allowing comparisons over time, for legal and compliance purposes. In the event of a customer enquiry, fraud investigation or litigation, you can rapidly access all evidence required to achieve resolution as quickly as possible.

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Assuring full compliance of all mobile interactions

Mobile internet and App usage has sky-rocketed in the last decade, fuelled by advances in technology and telecoms, and the coming of age of the Millenials. Q-Mobile provides an auditable trail of business-critical communications and financial transactions, most of which are legally binding. Q-Mobile records all critical mobile interactions, allowing your clients to interact with you via their device of choice in a fully transparent manner, without risk of non-compliance.


Making social media interaction viable in highly regulated environments

Until now, social media interactions between clients and financial services staff – especially those involving legally binding transactions – have been strictly off limits from a compliance and risk perspective. Q-Social captures every relevant social media interaction, on-demand. This gives financial institutions the green light to embrace social media, while ensuring that conduct risk is monitored and compliance is not compromised.

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