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Guaranteed transparency and control for the entire long distance voting process


In 2013 the Swiss electorate approved the Federal Popular Initiative “Against Fat-cat Payouts”. The initiative requires companies listed on the Swiss stock exchange to offer long distance voting via „indirect voting“ to their shareholders. A shareholder can instruct an independent representative over internet on how to exercise voting rights on their behalf and on-site at the general assembly. It was therefore essential to the electronic shareholder platform provided by Segetis AG to extend their current solution with a secure and user-friendly online voting component, which guarantees transparency and traceability of all user activities throughout the entire online voting process.


The Segetis solution „netVote“ is a comprehensive service for long distance voting. Companies can easily integrate the system into their own existing websites. A shareholder can access the application with their personal identification and an individual access number (PIN). The internet proxy voting system is based on the security infrastructure solution „Nevis” by AdNovum Informatik AG Qumram is fully integrated as a separate module. This allows for seamless recording of online voting transactions directly on the security infrastructure. This applies not only to web-based access and interactions, but also to mobile use via smartphones and tablets in full detail. Qumram ensures the management of the recorded electronic votes in a legally compliant manner.



Qumram guarantees authenticity and integrity of all the data and documents transmitted during the entire online voting process. As a result of the automatic recording all shareholder activities can be monitored in detail. As an example, the independent voting proxy can reproduce if and how a shareholder opened a specific document or has changed voting instructions. The transparency achieved by Qumram guarantees control of and insight into the entire long distance voting process.

With Qumram we have achieved complete transparency of and insight into the entire online voting process. This enables us to comply with all legal requirements for electronic long-distance voting, with minimal effort.
Raphael Gassmann


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