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Since 1999, has fulfilled the federal government’s mandate to internationally distribute information about Switzerland, supplementing the online offerings of the radio and television stations of the SBC. Today, the international service is directed at an international audience interested in Switzerland, as well as at Swiss citizens living abroad. has also been reporting in 10 different languages – thereby reaching more than 80% of the world’s internet users.

In order to guarantee transparent and traceable website publications on, the full content (including media files) in all available languages must be archived continuously. Furthermore, the dynamic user experience of the archived website version needs to be as close to the online website as possible. Dependencies on implemented systems and proprietary technologies should be minimal. This also applies to media files (pictures, audio and video files) so that they can also be preserved and harnessed in the future.

Solution with Qumram

With Qumram, archiving online publications on is a completely automated process. The transition from publishing to archiving website content is seamless. This means that the authors of the website content do not need to be involved in the archiving process and so can fully focus on their research activities and on content production.

The archived website content is fully available in all used languages and character sets (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.), including all media files. All content is embedded within the original user experience.

The Qumram platform is integrated in the existing infrastructure. Extensive storage management capabilities allow to fully control the volume of the archived website content.


Thanks to the automated archiving process the required effort for recording and archiving website content (including media files) could be reduced significantly. The user experience of the archived website is identical to what is available online, which was not guaranteed before the implementation of Qumram. This fact was particularly relevant when relaunched its website that included an entirely new graphic design and website structure. In the web archive, this re-launch can be reconstructed seamlessly.


For the web archive is a comprehensive and reusable source of information. The users benefit from a reliable tool which is very easy to use for their research activities.

Furthermore, Qumram also provides with an ideal foundation in order to implement future compliance and information governance requirements. needed a web archiving solution that was capable of handling dynamic content and multimedia files, in a fully automated way. Qumram proved to be a perfect fit.
Hubert Zumwald


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